Meet Lindsay Miller, UX researcher at Sony Electronics

San Diego at Work: Lindsay Miller, Sony

Jan 24, 2019

Meet Lindsay Miller, UX researcher at Sony Electronics that’s helping make technology easier to use for people – especially our grandmothers who still don’t get how to use a smart phone. Though most people around the world know the name Sony, many people (even San Diegans) don’t realize that Sony’s North American headquarters is located right […]

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Local software startup Cloudbeds hosts #TakeoverTuesday

#TakeoverTuesday with local tech startup Cloudbeds

Jan 19, 2019

Meet Cloudbeds – local tech startup that makes cloud-based hospitality software used by thousands of hotels, hostels, bed & breakfasts, inns, and groups in more than 120 countries. It prides itself in being a #remotefirst company with most of its team spread across the globe, staying connected through video conferencing services like Zoom and collaboration […]

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Read how San Diego benefits from its proximity to Mexico | Photo by Misha Gravenor, Travel + Leisure

Why Mexico makes San Diego SoCal’s coolest city

Jan 18, 2019

It’s now well-known that San Diego is more than just a sleepy beach town. Some even say it’s “the best kept secret in the United States.” With our thriving tech and life sciences ecosystem, plus killer food and beer scenes, you can say that San Diego has got it all. But many people don’t realize […]

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Defense tech startup Fuse Integration hosts #TakeoverTuesday

#TakeoverTuesday with Fuse Integration

Jan 10, 2019

Meet Fuse Integration – a fast-growing defense tech startup in San Diego that combines engineering and design to deliver user-focused tech solutions to the warfighter. Ranked on last year’s Inc. 5000 list, its team uses design thinking and human-centered design processes to satisfy the needs of warfighters and first responders, who face challenging and life-threatening […]

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