Classy's online software is modernizing the giving experience to accelerate social impact

Startup Spotlight: Classy

Nov 12, 2018

Ever since Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy coined the phrase “You stay classy, San Diego” back in 2004, it has become San Diego staple. So it’s comes at no surprise that SaaS startup Classy, whose name was inspired by the film, has resonated within the San Diego community (and beyond). Today, Classy employs more than 200 people and […]

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San Diego is a thriving city with many resources and opportunities to start and grow a successful business

10 tips to launch a business in San Diego

Nov 08, 2018

San Diego is a thriving city with many resources and opportunities to start and grow a successful business. All you need to launch your future business in San Diego is a bit of research, a lot of energy, and these ten practical tips. With these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to owning […]

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Data Science in San Diego

4 top employers hiring data scientists in San Diego

Oct 24, 2018

Data scientists, named ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’ by Harvard Business Review, are making their mark in startups and well-established corporations alike. With the know-how and curiosity to make discoveries in Big Data, data scientists bring structure to large amounts of formless data and make analysis possible. In a competitive landscape where challenges keep […]

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Virtual Career Fair: Data Science in San Diego

Now hiring for the best job in America

Oct 12, 2018

Who has the best job in America, you ask? According to Glassdoor, data scientists do. And lucky for them, there’s plenty of data science gigs available at tech and life sciences companies in San Diego. With a median base salary of $110K and a 4.25/5 job satisfaction score, this growing profession is giving rise to leaders in […]

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